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Board Policies - Series 3000

Series 3000 - Business and Non-Instructional Operations


Series 0000 - Philosophy-Goals-Objectives and Comprehensive Plans

Series 1000 - Community Relations

Series 2000 - Administration


 Series 3000 - Business and Non-Instructional Operations
  Concepts and Roles 3000
  Budget 3100
  Business and Noninstructional Operations 3100.5
  Budget AR 3100
  Transfer of Fund AR 3110
  Lottery Funds 3220.1
  Fees and Charges 3260
  Fees and Charges AR 3260
  Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies 3270
  Sale and Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies AR 3270
  Sale, Lease, Rental of District-Owned Real Property 3280
  Gifts, Grants and Bequests 3290
  Acceptance of Gifts, Grants and Bequests AR 3290
  Corporate Sponsors 3291
  Expenditures/Expending Authority 3300
  Purchasing Procedures 3310
  Purchasing Procedures AR 3310
  Bids 3311
  Bids AR 3311
  Contracts 3312
  Contracts AR 3312
  State Allocation Board Contracts AR 3312.11
  Payment for Goods and Service 3314
  Payment for Goods and Services AR 3314
  Revolving Funds 3314.2
  Revolving Funds AR 3314.2
  Relations with Vendors 3315
  Federal Procurement Policy – Small and Minority Firms, Women’s 3315.1
  Business Enterprises and Labor Surplus Area Firms - Claims and Actions Against the District 3320
  Claims and Actions Against the District AR 3320
  Notice of Failure To File In A Timely Manner E 3320
  Travel Expenses 3350
  Management of District Assets/Accounts 3400
  Management of District Assets/Accounts AR 3400
  Audit Committee AR 3401
  Investing 3430
  Inventories 3440
  Inventories AR 3440
  Monies in School Buildings 3450
  Student Activity Funds 3452
  Student Activity Funds AR 3452
  Financial Reports and Accountability 3460
  Financial Reports and Accountability AR 3460
  Operations and Maintenance of Plant 3510
  Energy and Water Conservation 3511
  Equipment 3512
  Equipment AR 3512
  Equipment Loan Form E 3512
  Care of School Property 3512.1
  Buildings and Grounds 3513
  Buildings and Grounds AR 3513
  Communication Services 3513.1
  Mobile Communications Devices AR 3513.1
  Mobile Communications Device (MCD) Authorization Form E 3513.1
  General Provisions for Maintenance and Repair Work Buildings, Grounds and Equipment 3513.2
  General Provisions for Maintenance and Repair Work Buildings, Grounds and Equipment AR 3513.2
  Tobacco-Free Schools 3513.3
  Tobacco-Free Schools AR 3513.3
  Tobacco-Free Workplace, Guidelines for Implementation E(1) 3513.3
  Painting of School Property 3513.4
  Use of School Field for Emergency Medical Helicopters 3513.5
  Use of School Field for Emergency Medical Helicopters AR 3513.5
  Environmental Safety 3514
  Environmental Safety AR 3514
  Hazardous Substances 3514.1
  Hazardous Substances AR 3514.1
  Campus Security 3515
  Campus Security AR 3515
  Crime Data Reporting AR 3515.1
  Disruptions 3515.2
  Disruptions AR 3515.2
  District Police Department – Firearms 3515.3
  District Police Department – Firearms AR 3515.3
  Recovery for Property Loss or Damage 3515.4
  Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness Plan 3516
  Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness Plan AR 3516
  Smog Alert 3516.4
  Risk Management / Insurance 3530
  Risk Management / Insurance AR 3530
  Transportation 3540
  Transportation AR 3540
  Transportation Routes and Services AR 3541
  School-Related Trips 3541.1
  School-Related Trips AR 3541.1
  Guidelines for Student Transportation and for Use of Private Vehicles E(1) 3541.1
  Use of Private Vehicles - Driving Record Standard for Employees or Volunteers E(2) 3541.1
  Who Transport Students -Request and Authorization for Use of Volunteer Driver and Private E(3) 3541.1
  Vehicle for Student Transportation - Transportation for Students With Disabilities 3541.2
  Transportation for Students With Disabilities AR 3541.2
  School Bus Drivers AR 3542
  Transportation Safety and Emergencies 3543
  Transportation Safety and Emergencies AR 3543
  Nutrition Services/Child Nutrition Program 3550
  Nutrition Services/Child Nutrition Program AR 3550
  Nutrition Services Operations/Cafeteria Account 3551
  Nutrition Services Operations/Cafeteria Account AR 3551
  Free and Reduced Price Meals 3553
  Free and Reduced Price Meals AR 3553
  Other Food Sales 3554
  Other Food And Beverage Sales AR 3554
  District Records 3580
  District Records AR 3580
  Consultants 3600
  Awards to Employees 3700
Series 4000 - Personnel
Series 5000 - Students
Series 6000 - Instruction
Series 7000 - Facilities
Series 9000 - Bylaws of the Board