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Field Trip Information

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To reserve a bus...Please see your School Secretary. Transportation will no longer take reservations from teachers or anyone other than the Secretary. Thank you.

Field Trips provide students with experiences outside their everyday activities. Popular field trip sites include zoos, nature centers, community agencies such as fire stations and hospitals, government agencies, local businesses, amusement parks, science museums, and factories. Not only do field trips provide alternative educational opportunities they also provide students the opportunity to take a break from their normal routine and experience more hands on learning.

How far in advance should I notifiy Transportation about our field trip

Schedule your field trip far in advance will ensure that the date and time you want is available.

  •  2  to 4 months in advance

Reserving does not guarantee a bus. Transportation will need:

  • Field trip application with funding source and Principal's or Director's signature.
  • Other sources such as PTA, ASB, etc., will be invoiced and need to be paid prior to event. When a organization or company are paying for the bus, a letter of intent needs to accompany your application and they will be billed directly. Note: The school is still responsible for payment in the event the organization or company does not pay.


Field Trip Times



The buses that takes our students on field trips or sporting events are the same buses that take students to and from school. When planning your field trip, please abide by the time frame below


Field Trip Time Frame

-Pick-up: 8:45 a.m.

-Drop-off: Bus must be back at your school on/or before 1:15 p.m.

-Afternoon events: Pick-up: 3:00 p.m.


How DO I Know How many buses I need? 


  • 2 per seat = 56 Students/Adults
  • 3 per seat = 84 Students/Adults

NOTE...any more than 84 students or adults in a bus, you will need another bus.

Field Trip Cost

Field trip cost:

  • $48.02 per Hour
  • $2.30 per Mile

(For estimation purposes only)

UPDATED Field Trip Application

Field Trip Form
-Click on image to download fillable form-

Google Maps

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ALL FIELD TRIPS MUST BE BACK AT SCHOOL NO LATER THAN 1:15*. If you plan on staying longer, the earliest the bus will return to pick you up is at 4:30.

school bus with students

*1:15 means unload the bus, Driver does a final check of the bus for students and left behind items and drives away from the school on/or before 1:30.