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Employee Letter and 3-page Notification



  • 2019 Benefits Fair
  • Open Enrollment begins September 9, 2019 through October 4, 2019
  • Due to Health Care Reform, all employees who “waive/decline” coverage must “waive/decline” every year.  Waiver forms are on the district webpage or visit the Benefits Office.
  • MetLife Dental HMO Plan (DHMO) - We are now offering a new dental HMO plan which will become effective 1/01/2020. This plan is voluntary and is available to Part-Time CSEA members and all retirees. Contact the Benefits office for more information.

Active Member Rates


The cost of the plans provided by CalPERS for active members are estimated as follows (these figures represent the deduction that will be taken out of each member's pay warrant from January-December):


2020 Premiums

2019 Premiums

2018 Premiums

2017 Premiums




Benefit Information