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Robert K. Geiger, Ph.D.

Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Facilities Development 
(323) 887-7900 ext. 3064


Patti Gallego
Executive Assistant I
(323) 887-7900 ext. 6748


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Maintenance, Operations and Facilities Development


Under the Business Services Division, the Maintenance, Operations and Facilities Development Department is dedicated to providing safe, adequate and educationally sound learning environments to all MUSD students and staff. 

Mission Statement

It is our responsibility to ensure that we meet the District’s organizational goals; therefore, we strive daily to accomplish this by:

  • Being client-focused and service-oriented
  • Maximizing fiscal resources
  • Building positive relations with all school and community stakeholders
  • Upholding sound business practices that both meet and exceed all state agencies regulations, as well as local, state and federal mandates
  • Optimizing the use of our facilities

About Our Department

The Facilities Development and Maintenance & Operations Department is a District satellite office which operates Monday through Friday with regular business hours from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Our office is conveniently located at 500 N. Hendricks Street in Montebello.



Managing construction projects

  • Building of new schools/additions

    • Including but not limited to athletic fields, playgrounds, aquatic facilities, new buildings and the installation of portable buildings

  • Modernization of existing schools/sites

  • Remodeling of existing buildings

  • Major repairs to site and building systems

  • Monitoring compliance of capital improvement programs




Implementing due diligence as it relates to environmental issues

  • Pick-up of laboratory chemicals and specimens via the work order system

  • Investigating indoor air quality issues

  • Testing for the presence of any known contaminants or underground hazards

  • Performing/scheduling abatement or demolition of existing structures (including the relocation of occupants and materials, when necessary)

  • Site remediation

Robert K. Geiger, Ph.D.

Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Facilities Development 
(323) 887-7900 ext. 3064


Mike Weaver

Facilities Projects Supervisor

(323) 887-7900 ext. 6876






Implementing the maintenance and repair of all campuses and school property locations including but not limited to:

  • Facility construction infrastructure inclusive of roofing, concrete, asphalt, signage, swimming pools, carpentry, welding, cabinet fabrication, painting, flooring, framing, masonry, glazing, graffiti abatement, irrigation and special project construction

  • Implementing the maintenance and repair of mechanical systems such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, elevators, lighting, backflows, kitchen equipment, pumps and all other related mechanical infrastructure.

Robert K. Geiger, Ph.D.

Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Facilities Development 
(323) 887-7900 ext. 3064


Construction Sections


Jorge Robles
Maintenance Manager

(323) 887-7900 ext. 7909


Art Montanez

Mechanical Supervisor

(323) 887-7900 ext. 3053 



Jocelyn Garcia
(323) 887-7900 ext. 2267 










Managing Grounds Maintenance

  • Including but not limited to Integrated Pest Management and Refuse

  • Equipment Repair

  • Custodial Services

  • Security

    • Including but not limited to Locksmith trades

  • Coordinating and implementing special moves and projects

Juan Rodriguez

Operations Manager

(323) 887-7900 ext. 6767


Darrell Moore

Operations Supervisor

(323) 887-7900 ext. 6865


Mark Gutierrez

OOC. Custodial Services Supervisor

(323) 887-7900 ext. 6767







Minimize all usage to conserve utility-energy consumption

  • Implementing and monitoring of Recycling program

  • Tracking and monitoring of utility usage

  • Monitoring of Energy Conservation projects

  • Coordination of Site shutdowns (as needed)

District liaison for the various utility providers