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Credential Quick Tips for Applicants

Frequently Asked Questions-Full Time Teachers

What are the office hours of certificate human resources? 

Hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday

Click on Link below for Leave of Absence FAQs

How do I move across on the salary schedule as I complete units?

Complete an application for salary change and submit official transcripts (or receipt that transcripts have been ordered.) The form must be date/time stamped in Certificated Personnel on or before the due date.

Application for salary change due dates: October 1st and/or December 31st

What do I do with a jury duty affidavit/summons?

Jury Duty Affidavit (questionnaire): Complete the form, sign and return to the court.

Summons: Complete your portion, sign and date.


Will Certificated Human Resources complete a form for verification of employment?

Personal verification of employment requires that the employee specify the information requested in writing. 

You may walk in or mail in your request to 123 S. Montebello Blvd. Montebello, CA. 90640 Att: Certificated H.R.

Will Certificated Human Resources assist me with my student loan forms?

Yes, we assist with requests for cancellation, postponement or deferment of student loans. Complete your portion, sign and date. Walk in  the original form to Certificated Personnel. We will complete our portion, mail the original and send a copy to you.

What if I changed my name? (Substitute and Full Time Employees)

Pick up a name change packet from Human Resources. Instructions are included in the packet. Carefully complete all forms and return to Human Resources. Continue to use your "old" name until you have received a pay check with your new name. At that time advise the school secretary that your new name can now be used for all official school records (i.e., time sheets, substitute requests).

How do I renew my credential?

Online credential renewal is now required.
You must renew your document before it expires.
Application Fee- $100.00
On-line Payment Methods:
1.) Visa
2.) Mastercard
3.) Debit Card-with Visa or Mastercard Symbol

Renewal Tips , CTC  Online Print Document , CTC Home Page.


What if I have moved? (Full Time Employees)

Complete an address change form at your school site or Human Resources. A current address and telephone number for all Certificated employees is required at all times.Internal Change of Address/Phone Number Form
NOTE:  User will be prompted for district login (i.e. fulldistrict\lastname_firstname) and password

How do I access Aesop Substitute System?

You can log on to Aesop to report an absence, review current assignments, review available jobs, cancel a job, and review personal information. If  you need further assistance, please call Certificated Human Resources at (323) 887-7927


Aesop access by telephone call: 1-800-942-3767

Aesop internet access: 

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