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Montebello Teacher Induction Program (MTIP)

Teacher Induction Program


Fostering new teacher professional habits of mind for student academic excellence and social evolvement.



The Montebello Teacher Induction Program (MTIP) provides new teachers with opportunities to move their teaching practice forward through thoughtful mentoring conversations, reflection and articulation of teaching practice, and participation in meaningful professional learning.


Welcome to the Induction Program


The Montebello Unified School District offers a state-approved Teacher Induction Program.  Your preliminary credential will indicate if you must complete an Induction Program to fulfill the Clear Teaching Credential requirements.  An Early Completion Program is available for those who have three or more years of contract, full-time teaching experience.

The Purpose of Teacher Induction:

  • To provide a state approved program for the completion of California Teaching Credentials.
  • To support and assist teachers as they enter the teaching profession and advance their skills and knowledge in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP), state adopted academic content standards and performance levels for students

Teacher preparation programs at colleges and universities begin the process of preparing new teachers for the profession. When new teachers enter the classroom, additional support is needed. To facilitate this process, the MUSD Teacher Induction Program includes the following:

  • Two years of support from a mentor teacher who will address local context, priorities, and goals.
  • Professional Development opportunities.
  • Recommendation to CTC for the clear teaching credential upon completion of the program.

If your preliminary credential specifies that you must participate in Induction to earn the clear credential, then you must complete a two-year Induction Program before the Preliminary Credential expires.  Access your credential online:

You are not required to participate in the MUSD Teacher Induction Program (TIP). You may enroll in another district sponsored program, such as the Induction Program at the Los Angeles County Office of Education or at a local university. 

MUSD Teacher Induction Program Website 

Contact Us

Angelica Paz, Program Specialist, Instructional Services

Montebello USD District Office

123 S. Montebello Blvd.

Montebello,  CA 90640

(323) 887-7900

Induction Programs Offer

Multiple Subject Credentials

Single Subject Credentials

Education Specialist Credentials

Two-Year, Individualized,  Job-Embedded System of Mentoring & Support

MUSD Induction program is designed to provide a two-year, individualized, job-embedded system of mentoring, support and professional learning that begins in the teacher’s first year of teaching. The program is based on a clearly defined set of goals and outcomes designed around the CSTP and Induction Standards to support new teacher growth and student achievement.

We welcome all newly hired teachers with a preliminary teaching credential into the Montebello Unified School District. We look forward to working with you as you work towards clearing your preliminary teaching credential. To check for induction eligibility, please contact Angelica Paz, Induction Program Specialist, by either emailing or calling (323) 887-7900.