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The Parent Services values authentic partnerships with parents and families at home, in each of our schools and within the community. These valuable partnerships are integral as we nurture the academic achievement of all our students. By showing an interest in your children’s education, and by sending them to school prepared to learn, you help schools achieve their vital mission: To support the personal and intellectual success of every student, every day.

In this section, you will find the six keys that Montebello Unified School District utilizes to build strong family and school partnerships and programs to promote student success.


Six Keys For A Successful Partnership



Assist families with parenting skills and setting home conditions to support children as students. Also, assist schools to better understand families.

 eng2.gif Communicating
Conduct effective communications from school-to-home and from home-to-school about school programs and student progress.
 eng3.gif Volunteering
Organize volunteers and audiences to support the school and students. Provide volunteer opportunities in various locations and at various times.
 eng4.gif Learning at Home
Involve families with their children on homework and other curriculum-related activities and decisions.
 eng5.gif Decision Making
Include families as participants in school decisions, and develop parent leaders and representatives.
 eng6.gif Collaborating with the Community
Coordinate resources and services from the community for families, students, and the school, and provide services to the community.