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Business and Noninstructional Operations



The extent to which the district provides student transportation depends upon student needs and a continuing assessment of financial resources.

The Board of Education desires to:

1. Provide maximum safety for students between home and school and on school-sponsored trips.

2. Promote desirable student behavior and respect for traffic safety.

3. Provide assistance and transportation for handicapped students.

4. Provide transportation for field trips.

(cf. 3541.5 - Alternative Transportation Arrangements)

(cf. 5131.1 - Bus Conduct)

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In September and February of each school year, each student who is transported in a school bus shall receive appropriate classroom instruction in safe riding practices and shall participate in emergency bus evacuation drills. Provision of classroom instruction materials shall be the responsibility of the instructional services division and bus evacuation instruction the responsibility of the transportation department.

Legal Reference:


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The Transportation Department shall be administered by the Director of Transportation, who shall be directly responsible to the Assistant Superintendent of Facilities and Operations, who in turn is responsible to the Superintendent of Schools. The Director of Transportation shall have direct charge of bus driving, establishing regular bus routes, scheduling all trips, storing bus equipment, transportation accounts, and all other matters connected with student transportation. Employees working in the Transportation Department shall be under the direction of the Director of Transportation and shall hold themselves directly responsible to the director.


Instructions to Transportation Personnel

A Handbook for School Bus Drivers and other school employees shall be prepared and maintained by the Director of Transportation. The handbook shall contain regulations essential to carrying out the purposes of student transportation and shall be a guide for all employees of the Transportation Department.


Eligibility for Transportation

Only students enrolled in schools maintained by the Montebello Unified School District or school district employees may be transported on a school bus. At the request of the principal, volunteer adults, who are assisting in supervision, may accompany students on the bus. The ratio of one parent for each ten students at the elementary level and one parent for each thirty students at the secondary level is recommended as a maximum.


Operations and Maintenance

All school transportation equipment shall be operated and maintained in accordance with CHP regulations. A schedule of preventive maintenance shall be set up by the Director or designee who shall be responsible for carrying out the preventive maintenance program.



Transportation accounts shall be set up and carefully maintained so that all data needed for filing the state transportation report shall be readily available at the end of each fiscal year. The Director of Transportation shall be responsible for having all necessary data for such accounts promptly and accurately channeled to the Finance Department. The Director shall also collect any other necessary data for analyzing costs so that economical vehicle operation may be planned and maintained.

Additional Board Policies

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