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Comprehensive Learning Framework (CLF)

Comprehensive Learning Framework: A Comprehensive Transformation Toward Continuous Improvement

IN AN EFFORT TO URGENTLY ADDRESS the global challenges of remaining institutionally relevant both to future graduates and the public school teaching profession itself in the years ahead, Montebello Unified School District began the task of developing a Comprehensive Learning Framework (CLF) in January 2012.

A Design Team, comprised of key stakeholders from throughout the District, including site and district office administrators, teachers, community leaders, Board of Education and representatives from all District departments met regularly to develop this comprehensive framework. The purpose of the framework is to guide district-wide systems and practices to sustain a culture of inquiry and continuous improvement and accountability; it fosters purposeful, data-driven decision making focusing on academic rigor, resulting in improved academic achievement for all students.

The foundation of the framework is the belief that accountability for student learning is a shared leadership responsibility for all District stakeholders, including students, parents, staff and the Board of Education. Its purpose is to better anchor, monitor and celebrate the work of every individual, division and organization throughout the District, and to ensure continual improvement as a student-centered learning organization. The CLF supports and guides the District’s work toward fulfilling its vision of preparing all students for success in college, career and beyond.

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