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Physical Activity


Articles for Kids plus prompts

(Grades 3-6) – Physical Activity Can Boost Kids’ Brains

(Grades 3-6) – Exercise + Learning = Better Test Scores

(ESL and Grade 2 version) Kids Focus Better When They Are Active

Articles for Teachers, or Older/Advanced Students

NPR Article – Sitting All Day: Worse For You Than You Might Think

NY Times Article – Phys Ed: Can Exercise Make Kids Smarter?

Resources for Physical Activity in the Classroom (PDFs)

Energizers help students learn as they move. These include ideas such as having students identify and act out verbs in a story, or create a movement for each food group and act out the correct movement when they hear a food named.

Tutti Fruitti Instant Recess is designed for PreK students.

Instant Recess with the LA Sparks and Instant Recess with the San Diego Padres are for all ages.

Power Up in 10 is a strength training booklet for families.

Shape of Yoga combines physical activity and nutrition tips for families. Esta libreta de yoga está disponible en español aquí.

Black Dog Yoga discusses the emotional and mental benefits of each pose, as well as its physical benefits.

Playing for Healthy Choices is a set of playing cards with physical activities and nutrition tips that you can print and cut out.

PE Aligned with Common Core

View videos from LACOE on how to link PE to the Common Core for grades K-5 or grades 6-12.


View presentations and handouts from the "Utililzing Common Core Standards in Physical Education, Health Education and PETE" Workshop from The California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD):


Check out CAHPERD's sample lessons integrating Physical Education Standards with ELA Common Core standards and the 4 Cs for Kindergarten, Grade 3, Grade 7, and Grade 9.

Spark PE Lesson Ideas

Short Workout Breaks Add Up!

Get your blood flowing back to your brains as a class in just one minute! Short bouts of exercise can improve attention-to-task for students. See more JAMmin' Minute ideas here, or make your own!

Video: 23 and 1/2 Hours

Learn about the research on the best thing we can do for our health in this video from Dr. Mike Evans, physician and Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, aka DocMikeEvans on YouTube. You get extra points for marching in place or doing squats while watching this video. ;)