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Participating Sites

Bandini Elementary

Bell Gardens Intermediate

Eastmont Intermediate

La Merced Intermediate

Macy Intermediate

Montebello Intermediate

Rosewood Park

Suva Intermediate

Bell Gardens High

Montebello High

Schurr High

Read 180

Read 180 Reading Intervention Program

Montebello Unified School District has adopted this program as an intensive reading intervention program in selected classes, grades 4-10. READ 180 is a comprehensive system of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development proven to raise reading achievement for struggling readers.  Designed for any student reading two or more years below grade-level, READ 180 leverages adaptive technology to individualize instruction for students and provide powerful data for differentiation to teachers.

A Model for Blended Instruction

A Simple, Clear Organization for the Classroom
Teachers begin and end each session with Whole-Group Instruction that engages the entire class. In between, students break into groups and rotate through three stations for Small-Group and independent learning. Following the READ 180 Instructional Model is proven to result in significant gains in reading achievement for students after one or two years participation.

When students walk into a READ 180 classroom, they should immediately see that something is different. They may notice the technology first, but it won't be long before they realize that this is a classroom designed for engagement—with technology, with text, with their teacher, and with each other.

Students in Special Education

Originally designed for special education students, READ 180 has a proven track record of raising reading achievement for special education students through:
• Direct alignments to the Response to Intervention (RTI) approach
• Highly engaging instructional and classroom management tools
• Differentiated instruction to accelerate individual students at their own pace

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